Credit Recovery

Housed in the wing of the building which used to be the Passages program, students are participating in a program that allows them to earn high school credits in one semester.

Program Overview

The PLATO Learning Environment (PLE) was purchased to be implemented as a credit recovery model during the 2007-2008 school year. Students who participate in the program have the opportunity to earn credit in courses that they have previously failed. PLE is an accelerated program, allowing students to earn the credit in one semester. Students may enroll in a course during the first and second semesters. PLE provides an alternative means of allowing students to graduate in a timely manner. Determination of acceptance into the program is made by the school administrators and the guidance counselors. An agreement signed by both the student and the parent/guardian is also required for acceptance into the program.

Currently English 9, 11, 12, US History, and Algebra I and American Government are being offered. PLE titles are subject based and divided into units. Each unit consists of several modules, each targeting a learning objective. Most units include a tutorial, an application/drill and a mastery test. Mastery is normally set at 80%. There are both on and off line activities with a post test offered at the end of each unit.